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The difference is not only in the hen but especially in our approach...

Verbeek hatcheries international works from the centre of the Dutch poultry farming community. Verbeek supplies hatching eggs, day old chicks (DOC) and pullets to poultry farmers in the Netherlands and abroad. The headoffice is located in Lunteren. Verbeek's modern hatchery is in the polder at Zeewolde.

As partner to the poultry farmer, Verbeek stays close to its poultry roots. After all, our business revolves around your wishes as the customer. Verbeek works hard to meet your aim for top results. Verbeek's choice of hen breeds is based on the best genetic potential. And so we have chosen Novogen. We would like to share all available management know-how we have accumulated at Verbeek, whenever you feel it to be within your policy, of course. Impassioned Verbeek teams work together with poultry farmers on sustainable veterinary and business management. The emphasis will always be on animal health, laws and legislation, food safety and hygiene, as implemented throughout the Verbeek organisation (NEN ISO 9001 certified). 

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Watch our entire process from rearing parent stock to the delivery of laying hens in this video.



Verbeek magazine

In ouw new Verbeek magazine, you find extensive information about among other things our vision, parent stock, hatchery, rearing, layins hen, biological, cumstomer service, our knowledge centre, genetics, prodcuts and our team.

Verbeek has no export activities in the following countries: North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Iran and Cuba.

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Growth through product leadership and innovation...

The global population is ever-increasing. Worldwide egg consumption continues to grow. That offers opportunities, also for Verbeek. At the same time, the (agricultural) world is quickly changing. Legislation and regulations, internationalisation of the feed and egg markets, the increasing scale of poultry farms, environmental requirements: these are all subjects/ challenges with which Verbeek will be increasingly faced in the future and which require an ever more innovative approach.
As an independent partner, Verbeek aims to remain distinctive within the European market. The central theme of the management process is that of top results for poultry farmers, thanks to product leadership. Active participation by Verbeek's impassioned teams within the sector ensures opportunities for innovation and product development


Responsible and distinctive genetics and zoological management 

Verbeek regards its mission to be to offer clients the best available genetic potential; the Novogen genetics. Thanks to Verbeek's innovation, know-how and management in the field of incubation, rearing and production, clients can also optimally profit from the genetic potential of the hen.
As a hatchery and rearing organisation, operating between breeders, poultry farmers and nin the end the retail sector, Verbeek also believes it has a very responsible task in terms of animal health and welfare, bio security and hygiene. The company therefore sets itself and its suppliers the strictest possible standards. This has resulted in NEN ISO 22000 Food safety certification and a NVWA certificate for EU AI compartmentation,