Parent stock

The Verbeek parent stock is kept at a number of specialised rearing and breeding companies. They are spread throughout the country, in regions where little poultry is kept.  Under the intensive and veterinary supervision of Verbeek's specialists, the parent stock chicks grow up in rearing barns until they are 18 week old hens and cockerels. The 18 week old parent stock is then transported to breeding companies, where the hens lay millions of hatching eggs each year. The company's own Eggstra automation program ensures a detailed summary of registration data such as feed conversion and laying percentage. The rearing and breeding companies are subject to a strict hygiene policy, thus limiting the risk of contamination to an absolute minimum. This gives an optimum guarantee of continuity of supply of hatching eggs to the hatchery. The combination of a large complement of mother hens and the hatchery and transport capacity means that up to 200.000 chicks can be supplied at once, per day.