Verbeek drivers have great experience driving, loading and unloading the valuable cargo of hatching eggs, chicks and hens. Verbeek guarantees the strict veterinary quality and hygiene measures by carrying out all transport under own control. The trucks are equipped with climate control and disinfection equipment and they are extensively cleaned and disinfected in the Verbeek washing facilities after each transport run each day, our staff ensure that the drivers can deliver your hens or chicks with a clean and disinfected truck the following day.

Verbeek transport means:

  • A modern, own fleet of vehicles.
  • Employment of a regular team of motivated drivers who protect the interests of our customers and their valuable (animal) cargo.
  • Certified washing facilities in which all means of transport are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Optimum ventilation system so that hens can be delivered in top condition.
  • Sprayer installation per truck for maximum hygiene.
  • Certainty of 1 to 1 transport runs in order to keep any contamination out.