Laying hens

The success of our layers is determined by:

Production, persistence and egg quality. The number of sortable eggs with good shell quality and shell colour are the most important balance variables, together with the feed conversion.

Behaviour and adaptability.  Today's and tomorrow's hen must be hardy. The market needs an easily managed hen. Think in terms of the effects of the (surgical) intervention act, upscaling at farms, or the initiation of sideline businesses. Good feathering and calm behaviour are the basic conditions. The Novogen distinguishes itself through curiosity, stress resistance and good nesting behaviour.

Liveability & vitality. Poultry farmers keep their flock of layers longer. This is possible thanks to a healthy layer with good persistence!

Feed conversion. In these days of high fodder prices, it is very important that hens have efficient feed conversion and can adjust to varying compositions. Novogen has implemented the latter aspect as a standard in its breeding programme.

Genetic potential

The genetic potential of the layer with regard to the above points, largely determines the return for you as a poultry farm. This is one of the reasons why Verbeek opted for the French breeding organisation Novogen. The Novogen breeding targets match Verbeek's idea of a top-quality hen. As an independent link between the poultry farmer and breeder, Verbeek has been able to influence these breeding targets. Novogen and Verbeek share the same vision: distinctive through quality and innovation!

  • Verbeek NOVOgen Brown Light
  • Gives a higher number of sortable eggs
  • Excels in terms of the lowest feed costs per top-grade egg produced
  • Verbeek NOVOgen Brown
  • A hen which produces many top-grade brown eggs with a heavy egg weight
  • Verbeek NOVOgen White Light
  • Higher number of first grade eggs
  • Excels in terms of lowest feed cost per first grade eggs produced
  • Verbeek NOVOgen White
  • Kilo producer
  • Healthy feed conversion rate