NOVOgen White

  • Many kilos of eggs
  • Good egg quality
  • Clear white shell
  • Healthy and vital
  • Selected for behaviour
  • Well-trained
  • Persistent laying curve
  • High feed efficiency
  • Long life, therefore low depreciation per hen
  • A calm yet active hen
  • Pleasurable to work with
  • Persistent laying curve

The NOVOgen White is an efficient egg champion. A hen which produces many kilos of beautiful white eggs. The NOVOgen White has been selected for its feathering and good laying capacity with top-grade eggs. It is also apparent in the technical results booked with the NOVOgen White. The hen produces many kilos of eggs at a low feed conversion rate, therefore very profitably. Moreover, the eggs have an excellent yolk percentage. The NOVOgen White is ideal for keeping in all kinds of housing systems. It is your best choice of hen if you sell white eggs per kilo and you're looking for profitability!

'An efficient egg champion producing many kilos of beautiful white eggs.'

Feiten op een rij

Raising period (0-18 weeks)

Weights at 18 weeks 1250 g

Laying period

50% in production 20 - 21 weeks

Per hen housed (85 weeks)

Number of eggs 391 eggs
Average egg weight 62.9 grams
Feed consumption (per day) 107 grams
Feed conversion 2,04 kg
Aver. volume of feed per egg 128 grams

Per hen housed (85 weeks)

Nesting behaviour good
Feathering good
Shell strength very good
Shell colour clear white
Vitality (survival ratio) 93 - 95%

"Beautiful eggs, big full hens yet efficient in the feed conversion. The feathering is good and so is their weight development. Limited losses and hardly any eggs laid on the ground. The hens are always quiet, they've really been bred for that. Normal white hens are more wild, which results in more losses."

Poultry farmer Cor Mandersabout the NOVOgen White

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