Testimonials Novogen

“It’s a calm hen. She has a nice dark colour and is well distributed over the system."

Rearer Johan Keurhorstabout the NOVOgen Brown

"The hens look good. Robust and large. They have good feathering. The barn is full of down feathers. They take to the perch quietly, but they do want to go up. They are the ideal hens."

Rearer Theo van Steegabout the NOVOgen Brown Light

“The hens are very quiet right from the start. The Novogen hen is bred for its behaviour. And that's noticeable in the barn. The nesting behaviour is excellent. Few eggs are laid on the ground. The hens spread well throughout the barn. The Novogen is a fine, calm hen with lovely eggs."

Poultry farmer Kees Mastenbroekabout the NOVOgen Brown Light

"Beautiful eggs, big full hens yet efficient in the feed conversion. The feathering is good and so is their weight development. Limited losses and hardly any eggs laid on the ground. The hens are always quiet, they've really been bred for that. Normal white hens are more wild, which results in more losses."

Poultry farmer Cor Mandersabout the NOVOgen White

"You know straight away on unloading them; this is a completely different hen. Little weight deviation and nice full hens. The egg weight soon increases, the hen does well and lays good eggs.

Poultry farmer Kees Daemenabout the NOVOgen Brown Light

"They're lovely uniform hens. The Novogen is a nice calm hen."

Poultry farmer Marc van Gilsabout the NOVOgen Brown Light

"The best proof of the Novogen success is the fact that customers who put out their first Novogen flock in 2012 have already ordered their next flock of Novogen hens from us. That's a sign of their confidence in the genetic quality of the Novogen breeding and our service."

Neil Leeming, CEO of Tom Barron Limitedabout Novogen