Intensive collaboration between Ter Heerdt and Verbeek

Publicatiedatum: 03 October 2023    As of January 1, 2024, Verbeek and Ter Heerdt  will enter into an intensive collaboration on the production of hatching eggs, day-old chicks and 17-week hens. Continue reading

Takeover Novogen and Verbeek by EW GROUP

Publicatiedatum: 28 December 2021Groupe Grimaud has decided, following a strategic reorientation, for the transmission of their laying division. This concerns the companies NOVOGEN and Verbeek. Continue reading

Only the best result count: view our new Verbeek magazine!

Publicatiedatum: 29 September 2017Verbeek has been working hard for many years to meet your desire for top results. And we do so with a passionate team of specialists, all based in Lunteren, the centre of Dutch poultry farming. Our business operations and services revolve around your wishes as our customer. Delivering quality to... Continue reading

A keen eye on birds is essential

Publicatiedatum: 27 July 2016Article published in World Poultry no 4 2016 'A keen eye on birds is essential' Read more Continue reading

Novogen Brown Light in new housing system with extra space, light and air

Publicatiedatum: 10 June 2015Beginning of March 2015 Dutch commercial layer farmer Jos Mans started to use a new housing system. On one of his poultry houses with an aviary system he built extensions on both sides of a 4 meter wide covered ranging area. The ranging area is equipped with an automatic grain dispenser, Alfa Alfa,... Continue reading

Novogen White: 55 weeks above 90%

Publicatiedatum: 10 June 2015Gert Zoer, commercial layer farmer in the Netherlands, already has his 3rd flock of NOVOgen White on his farm. On two locations Gert houses more than 170.000 NOVOgen White layers in colony cages. He is the 3rd generation in this business. His grandfather used to produce and sell cage systems and... Continue reading

Verbeek and Novogen co-operate in European market

Publicatiedatum: 24 December 2014Groupe Grimaud, main shareholder of Novogen (the 3rd layer breeding company in the world) and AgruniekRijnvallei, main shareholder of Verbeek Hatchery (one of Europe’s leading commercial layer hatcheries), are strengthening their positions through a joint co-operation in the European layer... Continue reading

P. Kruit leaves Verbeek organization on 1 January 2015

Publicatiedatum: 15 December 2014In accordance with the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, Pieter Kruit will leave the Verbeek organization on 1 January 2015. The health situation of Pieter and his phase of life have made him aware of the fact that he is ready for a another challenge. In the future this challenge will... Continue reading

VIV Europe in Utrecht

Publicatiedatum: 13 June 2014On 20, 21 and 22 Mai VIV Europe was held in “de Jaarbeurshallen” in Utrecht. We also were present with a stand.  The VIV has been very successful for Verbeek with a lot of international visitors, but also many visitors from our own country. Both our stand al well as our own company... Continue reading

Very successful two-day Verbeek seminar for Polish poultry farmers

Publicatiedatum: 31 March 2014Last week, Verbeek Hatchery organised a two-day poultry seminar for its Polish customers. During the practical session, the participants visited the Verbeek hatchery and rearing farms. In the theoretical part of the seminar, the visitors (owners and personnel of rearing and laying farms) from all... Continue reading

Verbeek at VIV Utrecht 2014

Publicatiedatum: 27 March 2014On 20, 21, 22 May VIV Europe will be held in Utrecht, Holland. The VIV is the international, innovative and inspiring Agri exhibition of the year! We will be represented at the VIV. Will you be there too? Continue reading

Good behaviour pays off

Publicatiedatum: 17 October 2013Verbeek's business evenings were held on 8, 9 and 10 October. The various speakers advocated the theme of 'behaviour and balance go hand in hand'. In a market in which egg prices and feed prices put enormous pressure on the balance, all aspects which can influence that balance become... Continue reading