Takeover Novogen and Verbeek by EW GROUP

Publicatiedatum: 28 December 2021

Groupe Grimaud has decided, following a strategic reorientation, for the transmission of their laying division. This concerns the companies NOVOGEN and Verbeek.

After 10 years of supporting the successful development of NOVOGEN and Verbeek, it was important for Groupe Grimaud that in a case of a divest, the new owner could offer sufficient opportunities for a successful future development of both businesses. Groupe Grimaud approached the EW GROUP for this, as they believe that EW GROUP is best suited to support a positive future development for NOVOGEN and Verbeek.

We would like to inform you that the takeover of both businesses by EW GROUP has been completed. Under the new ownership, NOVOGEN will retain its own identity as an independent French breeding company and Verbeek will continue to operate as an independent distributor for NOVOGEN in the market.

As the Verbeek team, we are very happy with this great strategic perspective, in which the Verbeek company can continue to develop as part of a larger organization, which offers plenty of opportunities for marketing, efficiency and flexibility.

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