Layer Breeds

Verbeek is a supplier of NOVOgen and Hy-line. Two leading breeds in laying poultry, with which Verbeek has a hen for every wish and every situation. The objectives of the poultry farmer determine which hen best suits his/her wishes and circumstances.



NOVOGEN is originally French genetics that Verbeek has been selling in the market for over 12 years. Using close lines of communication, Verbeek directs the breeding goal and therefore the client's wishes. The sophisticated selection programme enables NOVOgen to respond quickly to market demands. By recognising at an early stage in breeding the desire for hens in aviary housing systems, NOVOgen hens are calm and easy to handle.  Partly because of this, the hens also do very well in organic poultry farming. With a choice of four lines, Verbeek has a hen to suit every wish and objective.

The NOVOgen brown light and the NOVOgen White light are also available for organic poultry farming.  The mother hens are kept according to organic guidelines.


NOVOgen Brown

NOVOgen Brown Light

NOVOgen White

NOVOgen White Light

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Hy-Line has been a leading worldwide breeding organisation in laying poultry farming for many years. Verbeek has 2 lines that suit the European market.