NOVOgen Brown

‘Many kilos of brown eggs with efficient feed consumption.’
  • Higher egg weight in the 2nd half of the laying cycle
  • Good egg quality
  • Efficient feed intake, efficient kilo producer
  • Good feathering combined with pleasant behaviour


The NOVOgen Brown is a hen that produces many first grade brown eggs with higher egg weight. A hen that combines egg mass and egg quality. The NOVOgen Brown has good feathering and great laying ability. She produces beautiful first Grade, brown until the end of the laying curve.

Due to a slightly higher egg weight, this hen also produces quite a few kilos of brown eggs with relatively little feed. The NOVOgen Brown is the best choice for you if you want to sell many kilos of brown eggs with efficient feed consumption and want to earn a lot from them!

Facts at a glance

Rearing period (0-18 weeks)

Weight at 18 weeks  1421 g

Laying period

50% in production 20 - 21 weken

Per hen housed (85 weeks) - alternative

Number of eggs 382 eieren
Average egg weight 62,5 - 64,5 gram
Feed intake (per day) 119 - 125 gram
Feed conversion 2,19 - 2,23 kg
Average amount of feed per egg  142 - 146 gram

Per housed hen (85 weeks) - alternative

Nest behaviour good
Feathering good
Shell strength very good
Shell colour Brown
Vitality (survival ratio) 93 - 95%


Productionchart Alternative systems
Productionchart Free range and Biological