Day-old-layer chicks

Verbeek is a worldwide supplier of vital day-old-layer chicks from the Novogen and Hy-line breed.

This process starts with parent stock flocks producing highest quality of hatching eggs. Followed by a modern hatchery where the chicks are hatching and a customer service department, with multiple years of logistic experience at home and abroad. At Verbeek all this together results in a daily production of layer chicks according the highest quality standards:

  • The vaccination plan of the parent stock is aiming at a maximum level of maternal immunity for the day-old-layer chick.
  • The hatching eggs are selected under strictly protocols, like standards for uniformity and hygiene.
  • The incubation process is fully optimized to breed, parent stock flock and transportation of the chicks.
  • All quantities and vaccinations are possible. Vaccinations against Marek disease and Infectious Bronchitis are standard.
  • Solid packaging in carton or plastic boxes.
  • Complete logistic handling by land and/or by air.
  • Technical and product support by the Novocenter.

In short, at Verbeek you are at the right address for a partner aiming at the highest quality of day-old-layer chicks.

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