From the hatchery, the chicks move to the rearing company for the main rearing period. The aim of Verbeek's rearing concept is to deliver a vital hen ready to lay, adapted to your specific housing system and which will move quickly through your system. Only then can a quality hen perform what is genetically possible.

Specification of Verbeek raising concept:

  • Clear classification of rearing systems.
  • Uniform and clear training programme for your hen.
  • Dedicated rearing companies.
  • Uniform rearing concept.
  • Clear training target for the hen, in keeping with the conditions of the laying barn.
  • No compromises on health aspects.
  • Veterinary supervision.
  • Zoological supervision in rearing.
  • Nutritional supervision of partners.
  • Disease resistance thanks to vitality and correct skeletal development.
  • All action is aimed at unrestricted development of a hen ready for top performance.

The performance of your flock in the rearing barn is registered in the hen's passport. This gives you immediate insight into the most important production characteristics, such as weight, uniformity and feed conversion at 18 weeks. Transparency and traceability...These too are aspects included in the Verbeek approach!