NOVOgen Brown Light

  • Healthy and vital
  • Many top-grade eggs
  • Persistent laying curve
  • Selected for behaviour
  • Well-trained
  • Pleasurable to work with
  • Good feathering
  • Low feed conversion
  • Low depreciation per hen
  • Good nesting behaviour


The NOVOgen Brown Light is a robust and vital hen which lays many top-grade brown eggs. Behaviour greatly influences the results of your layers. It not only affects the egg quality but also the nesting behaviour and liveability (or loss) of your hens. It determines the necessary labour too. This layer has been bred for exactly the right behavioural characteristics, as well as for production of course.

The NOVOgen Brown Light has been selected for its feathering and good laying capacity with top-grade eggs. The technical results of the NOVOgen Brown Light underwrite high efficiency: the number of top-grade eggs is high at the start and at the end of the laying curve. This hen combines performance with a strong and good coloured eggshell. The NOVOgen Brown Light is very profitable thanks to its vitality, great laying capacity and efficient feed conversion. The NOVOgen Brown Light your best choice of hen if you sell brown eggs per piece and you're looking for profitability!

'A strong hen with a good laying capacity and efficient feed conversion.'

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Raising period (0-18 weeks)

Weights at 18 weeks 1500 g

Laying period

50% in production 20 - 21 weeks

Per hen housed (85 weeks)

Number of eggs 380 eggs
Average egg weight 62.3 grams
Feed consumption (per day) 118 grams
Feed conversion 2,26 kg
Aver. volume of feed per egg 141 grams

Per hen housed (85 weeks)

Nesting behaviour good
Feathering good
Shell strength very good
Shell colour very good
Vitality (survival ratio) 93 - 95%

"You know straight away on unloading them; this is a completely different hen. Little weight deviation and nice full hens. The egg weight soon increases, the hen does well and lays good eggs.

Poultry farmer Kees Daemenabout the NOVOgen Brown Light

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