Verbeek employs people with passion for poultry. Verbeek's advisers, specialists, rearing supervisors and vets are pleased to cooperate with you. All technical and veterinary know-how is available within Verbeek.

Verbeek complies with both the legislative measures and those measures required by the poultry farmers, regarding the health of young hens. Compulsory salmonella analyses and blood tests, formulation of a hygienogram and water testing all takes place for the responsibility of a Verbeek veterinary physician throughout the rearing process.

Verbeek supervision is aimed at three issues: you the entrepreneur, the Verbeek hen and communication on the hen and between your choice of partners. The feed supplier, the vet and increasingly the financial adviser are ready to assist you, along with our representative. The design of the flock is given particular attention. The performance booked by the Verbeek hen must be totally in keeping with your targets. Verbeek's representatives can help you make the right choices. These choices are aimed at having you, the poultry farmer, achieve the best balance.